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About Us

Our Illustrious History

Lyndhurst C.C. was established in 1941 during the Second World War. Formed in Hornchurch, Essex, the team consisted initially of local airmen stationed in the nearby RAF base. The first few years were difficult due to the wartime situation, but games were arranged whenever possible. The club famously defeated a touring Luftwaffe XI in 1943 by a crushing ten-wicket margin which Churchill later claimed "turned the war on its head". W.G. Grace turned out for Lyndhurst that day, making 128 in his only appearance. His career average remains a record to this day. From such humble beginnings and despite many early setbacks, the club is still going strong over seventy years on.*

Probably played for us.

The club has only ever had one team which plays friendly matches on a Sunday with the emphasis on enjoyment and fun, whilst retaining a strong will to win, ensuring that it is played in the spirit of the game upholding the history of fair play.

In the past the club shared a pitch but for the last fifteen years, due to poor upkeep of the previous ground, it was decided to become a “wandering” side and since then the club has continued to flourish with exciting fixtures in and around the Essex area.

The club is always on the look out for new members and maintains a policy of encouraging participation of all ages mixing both young and more senior players to encompass a family atmosphere.


* The accuracy of these claims cannot be guaranteed and Lyndhurst C.C. accepts no liability for any misfortune occuring as a result of them.