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Potter Street & Church Langley beat Lyndhurst by 11 runs.

May 27, 2012

Potter Street & Church LangleyLYNDHURST
Potter Street & Church Langley beat Lyndhurst by 11 runs.

Match Report

Historically, games with Potter Street & Church Langley are typically close-fought affairs, and this was no exception with a win, tie or loss possible right down to the last over. Unfortunately, as in 2011, Lyndhurst's run chase fell just short, losing by 11 runs.

Losing the toss and being put in the field on a hot May afternoon was unfortunate - this was one of the few times Lyndhurst might have decided to have a bat first with Chay "Fat Man Scoop" Hedges returning from Stanford-le-Hope duties and the Gallacher contingent showing promise on their debuts. The weather seemed to have an effect on Lyndhurst as the over rate was very slow and the fielding was poor at times, JJ dropping another catch (and knocking this one over the rope for 6 to boot) and a few others going down too.

However, Kieran's opening spell was excellent, returning figures of 2-13 from his 6 overs, showing his opening partner JJ the way and sending him joint top of the bowling averages with George (averaging 9.5 each). Replacing Kieran at the Flats End was the interminable George, whose bowling figures of 8-1-3-12 reflected the kind of control, accuracy and cunning Lyndhurst have relied on for over 20 years. Chay bowled well and was unlucky to have three plumb LBW's turned down, and three catches dropped, but got his deserved wickets polishing off the tail. Also chipping in with wickets was Warren who bowled some nice lines. Liam and James took a little punishment, with James's bowling average of last week being ruined by his 1 over for 32 (thirty-two)!

Set 180 to win, Lyndhurst started typically well with Jeff and Alfie putting on 41 for the second consecutive week before Alfie decided to slog a straight one and missed completely. Liam G displayed his qualities again and showed the way to Alfie with some nice straight-bat shots before he was out, and Chay played a Chay innings until he was bogged down and bowled slogging as well. James's batting was anything but straight with his IPL-style 14 from 10 balls including two lovely fours, which brought George to the crease. When Jeff was out for 39, Lyndhurst still looked in good shape with plenty of batting to come. Despite Liam falling cheaply, Kieran batted nicely but when George was dismissed it looked like the chase was getting a little tight, Lyndhurst 157-7 with 5 overs left.

157-7 became 157-9 when Kieran went and JJ lasted just two balls. It was down to Warren and Kevin to see Lyndhurst home in fading light and achieve the impossible. With some good fielding and tight bowling from Khan at the Flat End in particular, it was always going to be difficult. 18 was needed from the last over, and when Warren hoisted Potter Street's Saturday first XI opener back over his head for six, it looked possible! However, two balls later the game was over with Warren being bowled looking for another big shot. Kevin remained not out with his maiden run for the club!

The game was a well-contested one which swang many different ways during its course. Perhaps Lyndhurst will rue the 47 extras, or the dropped catches, or the slow over rate which led to the dusky run-chase, and defeat certainly hurts especially in close games, but we showed plenty of quality and good team spirit. If we play like we did today we shouldn't have any problems racking up another win in the near future!

Report written by JJ.

The Team

1A. HedgesCaptain WK 26 1
2J. Richards39 0
3L. Gallacher2 0
4C. Hedges252 for 31 from 7 overs0
5J. Jupp140 for 32 from 1 overs0
6G. HedgesMotM! 133 for 12 from 8 overs0
7L. Clay00 for 27 from 4 overs0
8K. Gallacher Jr.MotMr/u 132 for 13 from 6 overs1
9W. Harris92 for 17 from 5 overs0
10J. J. O'Neill00 for 23 from 6 overs0
11K. Gallacher Snr.1 n.o. 0



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