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Abridge beat Lyndhurst by 6 wickets

July 22, 2012

Abridge beat Lyndhurst by 6 wickets

Match Report

A spirited fielding performance from Lyndhurst was not enough to make up for a below-par score on a batsman's paradise in Abridge.

Losing the toss and being put into bat, Jeff and Alfie got off to a typically solid start, until Alfie went for 27 caught in the deep, and Jeff followed soon after caught behind for 22. This precipitated a middle order collapse in which Little Liam was yorked, Ash ran himself out, and James got one that turned sharply. Big Liam came and steadied the ship with JJ, seeing off the quick youngster (who would later go on to make 100) before getting bowled by a great ball for 16.

Stefan was unlucky to edge a ball that rose to slip, but with 14 overs still to go in the innings, that would be the last wicket Lyndhurst lost. JJ and Kieran stayed till the end, adding another 123, destroying the modern Lyndhurst record of 66 for the 8th wicket (held by Jeff and Simon since 2003). JJ selfishly stole most of the strike but managed fourteen 4s and seven 6s (beating the previous record of four 6s in an innings held jointly by Stuart in 2007 and JJ last week) in a total of 126 not out, his first ever century! The pick of the seven was one that crossed the road, sailed over number 12 and ended up in the garden! The ball was returned soon after.

Finishing on 229-7 definitely didn't look likely at 56-5 or 106-7, but Lyndhurst had something to defend, even if par score on the track was perhaps 250. It was always going to be an uphill struggle on such a flat track with short boundaries and downward slopes all over.

However, Lyndhurst's effort in the field, if not always with the ball, was the best yet this year. James set the standard early on with some accurate throws over the stumps, Kieran followed this up with committed fielding in the covers, Little Liam did brilliantly to stop a couple down the slope into the road, and Stefan and Kev got in on the act with some fine third-manning. The only two catches of the innings both came in style from Kieran, once diving low from brother Liam's bowling, once from his own slower ball to dismiss the dangerman.

The bowling was a mixed bag: Alfie did well on basically one leg, Big Liam found no rhythm despite bowling some great lines at times, JJ managed a wicket and one ABSOLUTELY PLUMB LBW was turned down, Kieran bowled very well and deserved his wicket, Little Liam took some punishment despite bowling quite well, and Ash took some punishment despite... well, he just took some punishment. Ash and Big Liam linked up well to cleverly run out the centurion opener, but the runs came easily for Abridge, and Lyndhurst did very well to take the game to the 38th over.

There was a lot to be proud of in both individual and team performances even if the result did not go the way of Lyndhurst. It was nice to see Stefan, our professional jinx, finally get a game in despite being available for four already, and the stripy socks made a welcome return. Our form going onwards WLWLWL, meaning we're guaranteed a win next week! Keep it going boys!!!!

Report written by JJ.

The Team

1A. HedgesCaptain 270 for 17 from 8 overs0
2J. RichardsWK 22 0
3A. Foster50 for 30 from 4 overs0
4L. Gallacher01 for 46 from 4 overs0
5J. J. O'NeillMotM! 126 n.o.1 for 34 from 8 overs0
6J. Jupp0 0
7L. Clay160 for 58 from 6 overs0
8S. Harrington0 0
9K. Gallacher Jr.MotMr/u 10 n.o.1 for 37 from 8 overs1
10K. Gallacher Snr.  0



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