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Lyndhurst beat Maylands Green by 8 wickets

August 4, 2013

Maylands GreenLYNDHURST
Lyndhurst beat Maylands Green by 8 wickets

Match Report

Lyndhurst overpowered Maylands Green with their best all-round performance of the season.

There were some typical Lyndhurst selection problems in the build-up as Kurt texted at 1.40 to see if there was a game. Luckily he was wearing his whites that morning because he managed to turn up at 1.45 despite apparently not having heard where the game was. Lyndhurst's ranks were bolstered soon after as Liam Clay eked his way out from under-the-thumb.

Fielding first, Alfie produced a fiery opening spell of pace quicker than we have seen all season. JJ's regulation drop at second slip didn't cost Lyndhurst as the lucky batsman was dismissed on the last ball of Alfie's second over. With Kieran building pressure with a classically tight spell at the other end, Alfie returned for his third and produced a snorting inswinging yorker which uprooted not just the leg stump but also the confounded batsman. As he dragged himself off the dusty surface and back to the pavilion, Alfie prepared for his hat-trick ball, and the excited fielders closed in around the bat. The ball was a peach: back-of-the-length, as fast as anything we've seen from a Lyndhurst player in years, and completely unplayable. A genuine edge to Jeff was fumbled once, twice... but taken! The excited Hylands Park crowd went wild.

At 10-3 Maylands were in trouble, and after JJ got in on the act with three wickets, they were even deeper at 40-6. However, the 7 and 8 dug in and began to restore some order in the ranks. Kurt was unlucky to have a couple of catches dropped and remain wicketless in his first spell, while Liam looked to be bowling well until he fielded a straight drive with his ankle and had to limp off. Stefan, James and Matthew also bowled good spells but could not break the key partnership as Maylands passed 100. It took Alfie to come back to make the breakthrough, and when Kurt returned for his second spell bowling Shane Warne-style googlies, he removed Maylands' top scorer with a snick behind to Jeff. Jeff was able to pick up his third catch of the innings in Kurt's next over, and JJ wrapped things up with his fourth.

Set 137, Lyndhurst were quickly in all sorts of trouble at 10-2 with Jeff and Alfie both receiving unlucky deflections from their pads onto the stumps. However, the lesson was clear: don't play across the line to the fullish deliveries. Liam, who came in at 4, doesn't need telling to play straight, and he produced some stunning drives; a back-foot drive through cover to the longest boundary in the park showcased timing at its best, and proved that with a decent bit of willow in his hands, the boy can hit runs. JJ played with uncharacteristic restraint for his 84* as Lyndhurst ended up coasting home. Kev "Juan" Gallacher was due to be pushed up the order to 5 and was reportedly devastated to not get a bat.

With two wins in a row under their belts, Lyndhurst have clearly hit their stride at just the right time of the year. With two fixtures in the next two weeks, hopefully more wins are on the horizon.

Weeks without Juan being dismissed: 13

Report written by JJ.

The Team

1A. HedgesCaptain MotM! 04 for 19 from 7 overs0
2J. RichardsWK 1 3
3J. J. O'NeillMotMr/u 84 n.o.4 for 15 from 7 overs0
4L. Gallacher29 n.o.0 for 8 from 3 overs0
5K. Gallacher Snr.  0
6L. Clay  0
7K. Gallacher Jr. 0 for 18 from 5 overs1
8J. Jupp 0 for 12 from 2 overs0
9M. Richards 0 for 13 from 3 overs0
10S. Harrington 0 for 20 from 2 overs1
11K. Smith 2 for 29 from 6 overs0



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