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Hoddesdon beat Lyndhurst by 130 runs

May 19, 2013

Hoddesdon beat Lyndhurst by 130 runs

Match Report

Like at Rayleigh earlier in the season, Lyndhurst were overpowered by a stronger outfit, this time in the shape of Hoddesdon.

Fielding was tough with unavoidable late drop-outs leaving Lyndhurst depleted. However, the effort in the field from the 9 remaining soldiers was excellent. This was epitomised by one of the greatest catches ever seen in a Lyndhurst shirt by Kev at deep backward square. A short ball from Alfie to the dangerous opener was pulled hard and flat. Casually trotting around the boundary in his inimitable style, Kev judged his dive perfectly, pirouetting in mid-air as he snared the ball in his left hand. Were it not for this piece of genius, Lyndhurst could've been facing upwards of 350 (and it wouldn't have been the first time this season that Hoddesdon had put on such a score.) As it happened, 282 was achieved, with expensive bowling figures all round, including JJ being smashed for 20 in a single over.

It always looked a tough ask for Lyndhurst to chase down, and with both openers falling in the teens it got harder; resistance from JJ with 74 was futile but the final score of 152 was not a disaster, and Kev still had time to add to his collection of not-outs.

This game can be put alongside the Enfield debacle of 2009 in the learning experience column. Outgunned and outmatched, Lyndhurst fought bravely but to no avail. However, rivals Potter Street up next, a closer game is pretty much guaranteed.

Report written by JJ.

The Team

1A. HedgesCaptain 131 for 47 from 8 overs0
2J. RichardsWK 14 2
3J. Jupp61 for 25 from 3 overs0
4J. J. O'NeillMotMr/u 741 for 35 from 8 overs0
5L. Gallacher42 for 63 from 8 overs1
6A. Street0 0
7M. Richards80 for 58 from 7 overs0
8K. Gallacher Jr.81 for 43 from 6 overs0
9K. Gallacher Snr.MotM! 0 n.o. 1



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