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Old Southendians beat Lyndhurst by 97 runs

May 11, 2014

Old SouthendiansLYNDHURST
Old Southendians beat Lyndhurst by 97 runs

Match Report

The day started off cloudy and a full days play was looking doubtful. Lyndhurst were in high spirits for the first game of the season and after Jeff won the toss Lyndhurst were out in the field ready to go. With Kieran Gallacher opening the bowling who managed to concede just 34 off 7 overs, Warren at the other end (18 off 2) and Matthew following (35 off 5). Things started off ok however with no fall of wicket soon the Old Southendian openers had their eye in and began to score more runs.

After bringing on Liam who was also unsuccessful, skipper, Jeff Richards decided to unleash his secret weapon - The mighty Harrington and his socks. The pace and variation had the batsman baffled and soon Stefan had produced an impressive 3 wickets off 7 overs conceding just 36 runs. Harringtons 3rd was an impressive catch caught by James Jupp while running backwards (after having an absolute mare earlier in the game, dropping a sitter.)

Skipper, Jeff Richards opened the batting and proceeded to play his textbook shots. Staying in for the whole 35 overs he managed to score 60 runs. Other batting performances came from James Jupp putting his first two deliveries over the boundary for 4, scoring a quick 23.

However without any other players apart from Kieran, Jeff and Andy managing to score double figures Lyndhurst were unable to keep up with the run rate and finished on 158 for 6. A loss of 97 runs.

Report written by MR.

The Team

1J. RichardsCaptain WK MotM! 60 n.o. 0
2A. Hunt140 for 55 from 6 overs0
3J. Jupp230 for 26 from 3 overs1
4L. Gallacher30 for 46 from 5 overs0
5A. Street5 0
6M. Richards60 for 35 from 5 overs0
7W. Harris90 for 18 from 2 overs0
8K. Gallacher Jr.10 n.o.0 for 34 from 7 overs0
9S. HarringtonMotMr/u  3 for 36 from 7 overs0
10K. Gallacher Snr.  0



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