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Lyndhurst beat South Fambridge by 7 wickets

June 19, 2011

South FambridgeLYNDHURST
Lyndhurst beat South Fambridge by 7 wickets

Match Report

A superb all-round performance from Lyndhurst was enough to overcome South Fambridge comfortably and secure an overdue first win of the season.

With a full eleven players for the fourth game in a row, Lyndhurst's effort in the field was excellent. South Fambridge were kept to a chaseable 138, even on a wicket which produced plenty of lift on a length, and a long outfield which had clearly benefitted from the recent downpours. Indeed, 138 could easily have been 88 were it not for a fine last-wicket stand which was only ended by Chay's second sublime catch of the day in the slips, the first being an effort which caused the Earth to deviate from its orbit around the sun, such was the force with which he hit the floor after leaping like a cat with a rocket up its arse.

The damage was done in the main by Warren, who took his first 4 wickets for Lyndhurst in his excellent 3 over spell, producing career best figures in the process. The other wickets were shared around between Liam, the season's current leading wicket-taker, JJ, Alfie and Matthew. "Gomez" Dave did well behind the stumps to reduce the bye-count, and in general the fielding was top notch.

The batting card made equally good reading, with the top 5 all producing respectable scores. Alfie and Jeff laid the platform, before Liam stuck around and looked in good nick but was unlucky to sky a leading edge. Chay and Mo brought the game home with an unbeaten 50 partnership, including some exhibitionist switch hits from Chay. It seemed like Fambridge might finish the game with ten fielders when their overseas bowler reacted angrily in Afrikaans to being no-balled and then spanked for 4, but Warren took it upon himself to help out the oppoisition and was even given a bowl! His first ball was shit though, and Mo tonked it for 4 to third man to finish the game.

A great performance all in, and another very encouraging one for Lyndhurst.

Report written by JJ.

The Team

1A. HedgesCaptain 221 for 38 from 8 overs2
2J. Richards32 0
3L. Clay82 for 11 from 3 overs1
4C. HedgesMotMr/u 45 n.o.0 for 6 from 3 overs2
5M. Osman21 n.o.0 for 20 from 2 overs0
6M. Richards 1 for 13 from 4 overs0
7W. HarrisMotM!  4 for 13 from 3 overs0
8G. Hedges 0 for 5 from 4 overs1
9D. DennisonWK   0
10J. Jupp 0 for 7 from 2 overs0
11J. J. O'Neill 2 for 16 from 8 overs0



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